October, the evenings get darker and the temperature starts to drop. Your crops will need an extra helping hand, as the risk of frost begins.

October is a good time for peas and beans. Planting in October will provide you with an early crop for next year. Gardeners Kitchen stocks varieties such as Terrain and Onward which are both popular peas, bursting with flavour. There are 2 ways to grow these: 1 - Carefully plant 10cm apart in well drained soil, in a sunny but sheltered position. As they get bigger they will need support with either pea sticks, trellis or even twigs. 2 - The easiest way (and the way we do it) is just plant them 10cm apart, just let them grow wild. Keep well watered until established and in dry weather. Our top tip is to plant your peas away from garlic or onions as it can stunt their growth.

Broad beans are also a good crop to get going in Autumn, which would be ready for harvesting next year. Make sure you choose a hardy variety such as Aquadulce Claudia, which is favourite of many. If you have very wet or clay-based soil, you’ll need to start your broad beans off in a pot to prevent the seeds from rotting.

Another good crop to plant in October would be your winter lettuces, varieties such as Arctic King Lettuce & Winter Density are winter friendly. Choose a sheltered area, to protect your lettuce from cold winds - but not so sheltered that they’d receive no sunshine on (hopefully) sunnier autumnal days. Plant around 30cm apart, to give them space to fill out. They’ll need a good watering, but as the autumn rainfall increases - you can ease off the watering.

If you’re a herb grower, it’s time to bring them inside and maintain in a greenhouse or on your window ledge. Varieties such as mint, thyme and rosemary may withstand the cold a little longer than others - just keep an eye on them.

Still got produce to harvest? Kale, carrots and pumpkins will be ready October, perfect for those who like to carve their own for Halloween!

October is a good time to get your garden tidy, cutting back crops, collecting leaves to add to your compost bin and preparing for the winter ahead. A warm autumn day would be a good day to add manure to your potato patch, or prepare your greenhouse.