About Us

3 Generations of Gardeners

For over 40 years Gardeners Kitchen have been commercially growing plants for sale to the retail market place across the UK and Ireland. Three generations of our family have commited to growing the highest quality products at competitive prices from the home of the UK market gardener - Worcestershire in the Vale of Evesham.

However, as we are gardeners at heart, recent years has seen us develop our offering to sell our produce direct to the consumer, the hobby gardener.

Whilst we know there are many expert gardeners out there, many will tell you that the hardest part of growing any plant is the initial germination of the seed and the first six weeks of its life. Amateur gardeners are often unable to consistently achieve and maintain the necessary temperatures in this critical stage of growth. We on the other hand have the infrastructure to do so, and therefore can provide strong, young plants consitently to give hobbiest gardeners a helping hand.

Our selection of products and varieties, range from traditional and heritage produce to the more modern plants that are available today. All of which have been selected and developed to have extra vigour, heavier yield and to be disease resistant. Plants are grown in indivual pots or cells to make it easier to transplant them and grow on and as the pots help improved root retention and the speed in which the plants take to establish themselves it gives the plant the best chance to flourishing.