In the garden - April

April, Spring has sprung!

The fabulous combination of sunshine and showers, it's time for your garden to start to thrive. As we shift towards the warmer days, let's not forget that night time can still be very cold and the garden will need looking after a little more.

If you have a greenhouse, April is the perfect time to plant some of the plugs under cover - it'll give them that little extra protection that they need, until it's time to make the move in to the great outdoors. For example, the greenhouse is the best place for herbs - just until the temperatures climb up a bit more. If you're looking to grow your first veggies, or perhaps you're a seasoned grower - it's a good time to plant up lettuce plugs. 

Going straight in to the garden? Hardier veg such as Cabbage and Kale can go straight in to the garden. Separate them out and be sure to water in well. 

Remember to keep the plug plants moist, whilst you prepare the ground for planting. It's best to take your plug plants out of the external packaging as soon as they arrive, to ensure that they do not sweat within the containers. Let them air, even if you don't plan to plant them immediatly - just be sure to water them to stop them from rying out, until you plant them.