The benefits of Companion Planting - Vegetables

Here at Gardeners Kitchen we are fully Pesticide and Organic Pesticide free on all of our products, which means we do not use any chemicals or pesticides on our plants in any way shape or form! (You could say it's better than 'Organic!') To help us prevent the outbreaks of any pests we may have pop up, we employ the help of the ''Good Bugs'' to eat the bad bugs and lay eggs to reproduce more good bugs and so on.

So Why Companion Planting?

'Companion planting' means you mix certain plants together and they help to ward off bad bugs or help to attract good ones to eat the bad ones, plus they can help to improve growth and flavours. This is a simple and cheap way in which your plants can carry on being 'Pesticide free' without having to result to pesticides. Plus combining your veg and herb garden will not only look amazing but the smells will be amazing to! Below is a list of plants that can be planted together and ones that dont get on.

Get on with Lettuce, Onions and Cabbages, Do not plant with French or Runner Beans or Tomatoes

Get on with Sunflowers, Cabbage, Cucumbers and Nasturtiums. Do not plant with the Alium family like Garlic, Leeks and Onions as this can stunt their growth. Why not try and grow climbling beans up sweetcorn this will attract beneficial bugs to ward off leaf hoppers. Plant Nasturtiums near beans to atract aphids away from your other crops. Plant sweet peas near Runner beans to atract the bees for polination.

Get on with Beetroot, Celery, Potatoes, Garlic and Onions, Do not plant with Tomatoes Peppers or Runner beans. - Plant sage among your cabbages this will help against cabbage moth.

Plant Celery near Cauliflowers to help ward off cabbage white butterfly. Cauliflowers dont do well with strawberries or tomatoes and wierdly even though they are from the same family they do not like to be planted near cabbages.

Get on with Lettuce, Peas, Leeks and Onions. Do not plant with Strawberries, Fennel or Dill. Plant Leeks and Carrots together as they protect each other from carrot fly and leek moth.

Get on with Beans, Raddish and Carrots, Do not plant with Celery. Plant Chervil amongst your lettuce to ward off aphids

Get on with Carrots, Lettuce, Beetroot and Cabbages. Do not plant with Peas or Beans. Plant Leeks and Carrots together as they protect each other from carrot fly and leek moth. Make sure you harvest the carrots before you start to mound the soil up on your leeks.

Get on with Carrots, Beetroot, Raddish and Beans, Do not plant with Onions Leeks or Garlic. Do not plant with any of the Aliums as this can stunt their growth.

Leaf minor's love spinach and can cause a lot of damage, if you plant raddish amongst them this will atract them away from your spinach, but it wont spoil your raddish's.

Get on with Onions, Carrots, Basil, Oregano. Do not plant with Potatoes, as they are from the same family and can easily spread blight. Plant Gardeners Kitchen Tagetes or some very smelly Marigolds around your tomatoes these will help to repel your Aphids.